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Intelligent and Connected Vehicle Information System

Intelligent and Connected

Zhaowei helps smart travel , ingenious design and selection of materials , and considers the multi-faceted life of your life, it covers all aspects of your life. Zhaowei car driver connects to the Internet of Vehicles, so that the car is no longer just a means of transportation, but a life partner that you can follow your heart.

Intelligent driving assistance system

Intelligent driving assistance

Zhaowei utilizes planetary gearboxes combined with intelligent driving system processing algorithms and utilizes multiple video camera solutions to provide higher-precision event detection and driving alerts to automate the driving process of auxiliary systems such as parking assist, lane positioning and collision avoidance , in order to improve the safety performance of the car, etc.

New energy vehicle drive system

New energy vehicle drive system

Motors, electronic controls, and batteries are the three main components of new energy vehicles. The gear box drive system with miniature precision, small volume, high torque and low noise has gradually become the development direction of the automotive intelligent drive industry, and will also promote new energy vehicles. Growth in areas such as intelligence, power drive, and cruising range.

Electronic and electrical components

Electronic and electrical components

In the process of automobile development towards intelligence and electrification, the performance of electronic and electrical components is the key. It can even be said that the improvement of automobile technology in the future will be concentrated in electronic and electrical components. Vehicle-wide display systems such as smart rearview mirrors and central control systems will make future cars safer and more convenient.

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